Saturday, August 9, 2014


Hi, I'm Anna. Well, to tell you the truth my full name
is actually Anna-Mari. But no-one ever gets it quite right
so I thought Anna would be close enough.
Besides, I've always felt like I'm more Anna than Mari
so this short name suits me just fine.

It's 17 days to my next birthday. I will be 34. I have
absolutely no problem with getting older. For years already
I've been hoping that my hair would finally start
turning gray. I just think it would look so cool!
But no, it's not happening yet so I'm stuck with blonde.
I used to dye my hair frequently - it has been
red, brown, black, copper, you name it.
But now it's been ages since the last time I dyed it.
I guess it means I'm finally getting comfortable
with being me.

I live in Finland in the Northern Ostrobothnia,
and I'm married to the same guy I started
dating more than 17 years ago. We have two dogs
in our own house in the centre of our small
countryside town. We both have lived here all our lives
and it's a nice place to live in,
but every now and then it feels like we need to
get away for a while. So we love to travel.

I've had all kinds of jobs during my adult life.
(If you're interested, check out *this post*.)
About a year and a half ago I quit my job of 7 years
because the urge to do something creative on my own
was just too much to stay there anymore.
Since then I've been doing "this and that"
until some time ago, when I started making
precise plans on how I want my business to grow.
 *This* kind of says it all, so check that out
if you have a couple of minutes.

I smile and laugh a lot, and talk a lot -
except when there are strangers around. That's when
I tend to sit back and just listen. It's not that
I wouldn't want to talk to strangers
(I do, quite often actually) and sometimes people
get the feeling I'm either really shy or just
somehow ignorant or rude. Honestly, I'm not.
It's how I've been since childhood,
I just need to get a feel for what kind of people
I'm dealing with, first.

I dream of living in a very small house or a cottage,
with a nice backyard for growing my own vegetables.
I would work on my small business during the day -
or night, if that's when The Great Inspiration hit me.
I would take a few days off when I please
and travel to big cities or far-away islands
and come back with even more inspiration for the work.

I love the outdoors and the silence of walking in the nature.
But when I'm indoors silence becomes unpleasant.
I need music and when it comes to that, I'm not picky.
Pretty much anything will do, from classical to funky beats.

During summer we have the midnight sun but
I've never been a very big fan of it. I like my nights
dark but warm, that's why the beginning of the autumn
has always been my favorite time of year.
And it's almost here!

I see the positive side in every situation.
It hasn't always been that way, but I've taught
myself during the last few years.
Yes, it can be learned. And I think it's the best
thing I've ever done to myself. I feel so much
happier, and life gets so much easier when
you don't have to worry about everything
all the time.

I think this post pretty much sums up what I am all about.
On a personal level, I mean. I figured I am probably
going to write so much about my work later on
that this would be a good time to tell you
something about Anna instead of annavee.
If you happen to read this, I would love for you to
introduce yourself in the comment section!
Because I do talk to strangers, remember?

(This month I am participating in a daily challenge
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