Friday, August 1, 2014


Through August I am participating in a daily challenge
by Create & Thrive. Every day I'm posting a photo on
my Instagram account to show you bits and pieces of my
clothing business. I totally suck at all photo-a-day things,
so it makes no sense that I would want to expand the challenge
into my blog here. But I'm doing it anyway. And hey, because
of this challenge I just cleaned up my workspace. So
it can't be that bad after all...
The best time to be in my atelier is in the summer at 5:30am.
I don't want to think about the winter when all this sunlight
will be gone for months.
 Usually this corner looks like a complete, chaotic explosion.
Now I can actually work here - which is nice, because I have another
job working online on my laptop.
 In the opposite corner I have my dressmaking dolls and the
clothing rack (I wish I had a rusty, vintage one!) I really
should get a male doll as well. The hubby is getting a little
tired of acting as one.

So, now you've seen where the magic happens.
Better get back to it!
To see these daily photos you can follow me

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