Monday, August 4, 2014

Raw materials

The gray ruffled shirt with lace available *here*.
When people think about raw materials in the clothing industry,
there's often a vision of neatly piled stacks of fabric
organised by color or pattern theme.
There are endless amounts of fabric and other sewing materials
produced daily. Much more than there is really need for.
Some of that stuff ends up in a landfill because of
minor defects or discolorations,
some end up there
just because there was too much to begin with.

Even if the fibers used in creating fabric are
organic or recycled,
it still takes a lot of energy
and produces a lot of waste
to make new fabric.

I have always been a thrift shop enthusiast.
Some years back I realised the racks were often filled
with clothes that had never been used.
They even had the original price tags on them.
These days when there are so many low price online clothing
stores where you can get even a pair of pants for $6 during
the seasonal sale, it's no wonder people buy stuff
just because it's cheap.

And then they never use it. Not even once.

Something else I noticed in the thrift shops
were the old clothes. When I say old I mean vintage old.
Made back in the day when clothes were meant to last and
be passed on to the next generation.
When fabrics were of good quality and the craftmanship
was impeccable.
The pinstripe jacket with denim hood available *here*.

I started to pick up these items - both the vintage and
the new unused ones, and decided to look at them
as materials instead of finished items.
And suddenly I saw the endless possibilities to create
new, unique things without harming the environment.
I do not upcycle clothes that are in good condition
and fashionable as they are -
well, that just wouldn't be upcycling, would it?
But when I find a great old piece (like the
awesomely ugly mustard yellow suit jacket here)
my hands are itching to make something
totally cool from it.

That being said, I'd better get to work.

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