Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Post Office

Perks of living in a small town
in the Northern Finland:
if you need to go to the post office
(or anywhere, for that matter)
you can just walk.

Unless it's -25 degrees Celcius.
Then you get dressed into at least 3 layers of clothing,
winter boots, mittens and a hat (plus the hood),
go out and try to move as fast as you can,
your face covered up to your eyes with a knitted scarf.
You take the ten minute walk and thank the heavens
when you get there alive (but your eyelashes frozen)
and start thinking of a reason you could
stay in the post office just a little while longer.
Then you open the door again and begin
your humongous journey back home.
And when you're back you peel off all the layers
and can't feel your toes for a while
and try to think of reasons why you are
still living in the Northern Finland.

I'm just kidding. It doesn't really feel like that
until it's -33C...

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