Thursday, August 7, 2014


I was going to write about package material waste
but it started to sound like a patronizing lecture
so I gave up the idea. Instead, let's focus on the positive
(that's always a good idea)
and talk about the appearance of my product packages.

annavee garments come in all kinds of shapes and sizes,
just like people. As a recently started indiepreneur
with only a part time job on the side
I figured I would much rather use my money
on the important stuff (like food, yum!) instead of
getting a series of new, pretty packages in different
sizes. There's nothing wrong with new packages, though!
If I could find a series that was recycled and gorgeous
I might actually consider buying it.
But until my business grows to the point where I will
need to mail products every day (not quite there yet),
I'd rather take the time to create my own.

My life is all about nature - in so many ways it is
hard to describe, really. And as an upcycling designer
I figured it would be nice to upcycle the packages as well.
I have adviced family members to bring me all kinds of
cardboard boxes and large envelopes they get in the mail.
They're not always very pretty,
especially after I've removed the address stickers.
So I give them a little facelift!

At first I used to print some of my own photographs
and glue them onto the envelopes. But it kind of
bothered me that I was creating more paper waste
by doing that, so I had to think of something else.
Then I had an epiphany. Travel magazines!
You can get a heck load of gorgeous scenery pages
from just one old magazine, and there are tons of
old magazines in thrift shops - or at least one
member of the family who has a subscription.
I finish the package with an annavee-label and
a handwritten address label. So every single package
is unique (like their recipient) but still
connected to my shop and the annavee brand.

And really - who wouldn't want to receive
a package with a view??

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