Saturday, August 2, 2014


During my working years these hands have
made fast food
milked cows
sold groceries
cared for other people's children
assembled speakers
sewn shoes
helped the elderly and physically challenged
typed on a laptop keyboard
created clothing

Off duty they have
played the piano, guitar, accordion and other instruments
fired a shotgun
handled all kinds of cameras, film and digital
cuddled 4-legged babies
held the hands of the love of my life
picked berries in a forest so quiet that the silence becomes noise
rowed a boat
dialed the emergency number
lifted a glass of wine
among a thousand other things

They're not the prettiest of hands
but they're mine
Each of the almost 34 years have left their mark on them
but still, it's a good pair of hands
And I just realised
they pretty much define me

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