Tuesday, August 12, 2014


The very favourite part of my work is CRM.
Sounds like some kind of a code, huh? And sounds a bit
official, too. Customer Relationship Management.
Yes, of course it's totally different in a multi-million
company compared to my tiny little business. But
I bet it's just as important in both.

I love getting to know my customers. From the very beginning
they have to let go of certain privacy, as I need their
specific body measurements to create a custom order.
I want people to feel comfortable about it,
no matter what size they are.
After all, that's what I'm here for - to create
a perfect garment for their shape.

It's great to hear their stories about why or what for
they want a certain item, and of course the feedback
after they've received it - it just brings a huge
smile on my face. I did it! I made them feel happy!

That's basically what CRM is all about.
Making your customers happy. Giving them something
they can enjoy for years. Whether it is a shirt,
a painting, or a service that helps them in any kind of way,
it's about giving them a positive experience.

It's such a cliché but every succesful business
is based on one thing.
Customer is always right.

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