Friday, August 8, 2014


Today's subject, branding, is something I have thought
about a lot lately. I've had an Etsy shop only as an occasional
hobby for years, and I didn't really have a reason
to study things like that.

Since I decided to pursue my dream of being my own boss
I have constantly been soaking up information on
how to improve things - well, pretty much everything,
and make running a small boutique a full time job.
A job that I love, I must add.

Just recently I have spent hours working on creating
a look that would connect everything that has to do
with annavee - the shop, this blog, the Instagram,
the Facebook-page,
the thank you letters to my customers and
even the little contact information labels
and business cards.

It's a lot of work.

 I could have contacted someone who does this kind of
stuff for a living and asked them to do this for me.
But that just wasn't an option in my book.
I needed the overall look to feel like me,
and that's not very easy to describe to a person
you've never met in your life.

So one morning I just grabbed a pencil and started
scribbling on the corner of a notepad sheet.
I made a plan of what I want all these sites
to look like, how I want people to see my business,
what kind of a feeling I want the overall appearance
to give to them. I even created my own font style
for the annavee-logo, to make sure it would be
just as unique as my clothing collection.

After all this work I'm still not done. Some things
are still bothering me and I need to adjust them
to make everything feel like me, Anna V.
My main concern is that I am not seeing my own flaws.
That's why I've asked my friends and family to share
their thoughts and comments about anything
that has to do with the brand, annavee.

Even though it is a lot of work and takes a huge
amount of my time, it's also very interesting.
At times it seems there are not enough hours
in a day to learn everything about this stuff
I find so fascinating. And it's going to get
even busier, as I just found out I was accepted
into a training for novice entrepreneurs.
I'm so going to rock that one!
Meanwhile I'll just keep working on the
smallest details until everything you see here
is totally me.

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