Monday, August 11, 2014


Mens shirt available *here*, women's top *here*.
Meet my brilliant assistants Missy (not Elliot)
and Koji (as in Murofushi). Aren't they a handsome
couple! They are professional models and help me
bring out the best in my clothing collection.
They have great work ethics and, indeed, have decided
 to volunteer for the job instead of getting paid for it.

Sometimes Missy gets a little light-headed and almost
falls over, especially if I'm in a hurry and try to help
her get dressed too quickly. So I'm trying to be careful
and let her take her time.

Koji has a great six-pack (he wasn't willing to show
it to you here, he's very modest) and such athletic
shoulders it's sometimes a challenge to get him dressed
in the smaller sized shirts.

I also have a third assistant, Hilda, but she is
a little shy around cameras. I did catch her once *here*.
Hilda is my greatest help when I'm doing custom orders
with my customers' specific measurements. And also
in those rare cases I have time to sew something
for myself!

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