Wednesday, August 6, 2014


"Aaaaand action!"
I have to say most days I don't exactly feel like
a moviestar (let alone look like one),
but it was fun to make a short clip of what
I'm doing when I start working at home.
*Click here* for the clip!
But I also wanted to share another side
of the story and if you ask me -
this type of action is even more important.
 Most of us indiepreneurs in the creative business
work alone at home and sit in front of a laptop
or a sewing machine (or sketchboard,
or jeweler's desk, or whatever)
all day long. Oh yeah.
When you are "in the flow" you really don't
notice the hours passing by - and even if you do,
you just don't want to stop.
(I wish it was like that every day,
but honestly, it isn't...)

We get back aches, wrist problems, numbness -
not only in the brain
and our eyes get tired from looking at
all those details for hours and hours.
We seriously need action. Physical action.

I'm lucky to be a dog owner so I have to get out
of the house and take a walk, at least once a day.
Besides that I go to the gym, I swim, I bicycle,
I do cross-country skiing...
Basically, whatever sports you can do outdoors,
it's my thing.

It's not only our body that needs the excercise
but our mind as well. That part may just be
even more important in the creative business.
So how 'bout you and I both get off our butts
right now and go for a 5 minute walk, okay??

(This month I am participating in a daily challenge
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